About Us

Baby's & Kid's 1st was founded in 1987 when Larry and Yvette Muller were having their 3rd son, Jordan.  Unable to maintain a full time job with 3 children, they decided for Yvette to stay home.  For a little bit of extra income, they started Baby's & Kid's 1st from their home using Jordan's nursery as the showroom and the garage as the warehouse.  A year later, they had another son, and another showroom in home.  They soon grew a passion for the business.  Fast forward more than 30 years and Baby's & Kid's 1st is Houston's premier baby shop, with 2 locations in the Greater Houston area.

Family photo with all three generations of the store owning Muller family. There are nine adults and two young girls.

"Thank you for helping drive our passion!"

The Muller Family