Bambino Mio Hygiene Mio Fresh Laundry Additive
Bambino Mio Hygiene Mio Fresh Laundry Additive

Mio Fresh Laundry Additive

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Essential for your regular diaper washing routine, miofresh is designed to clean, freshen and deodorize cloth diapers and other garments at low temperatures.
  • 100% natural and biodegradable diaper/laundry cleanser.
  • Contains antibacterial agents to perfectly clean diapers at low temperatures and is ideal for strip washing cloth diapers.
  • Contains no enzymes, synthetic perfumes, chlorine bleaches or optical brighteners found in conventional cleansers.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Approximately 26.5oz container

We recommend adding one scoop (1 oz) of miofresh to your laundry to keep your diapers clean and fresh. If using miofresh to soak your diapers to remove staining or "strip wash" we recommend soaking in a hand hot solution of miofresh for at least 2 hours. Use 2 oz of miofresh for every 176 fl oz of water. After soaking, wash in the washing machine at 104°F and give your diapers an additional rinse afterwards. Please note: you must ONLY soak the core of your miosolo all-in-one diaper in this solution, keeping the laminated outer fabric out of the soaking solution and ONLY your miosoft diaper and not miosoft diaper cover. Bambino Mio cannot be responsible for any deterioration to the products after incorrect soaking.