Baby's & Kid's 1st

Large enough to provide the best service possible.  Small enough to truly appreciate your business.

We are Baby's 1st.

From a mom and pop loading cribs out of their garage, Baby's 1st was born.

Baby's & Kid's 1st was founded in 1987 when Larry and Yvette Muller were having their 3rd son, Jordan.  Unable to maintain a full time job with 3 children, they decided for Yvette to stay home.  For a little bit of extra income, they started Baby's & Kid's 1st from their home using Jordan's nursery as the showroom and the garage as the warehouse.  A year later, they had another son, and another showroom in home.  They soon grew a passion for the business.  Fast forward more than 25 years and Baby's & Kid's 1st is Houston's premier baby shop, with 3 locations in the Greater Houston area.

"Thank you for helping drive our passion!"

The Muller Family